The Binding of Narfell

July 31st - Character Creation

Sunday we all got together to eat, drink (some of us more than others) and be merry! Oh, and create our characters. Say hello to:

Varra Stargleam – Human Warlock (Steve)
Lucan – Elf Avenger of Torm (Tyler — name subject to change)
Adran d’Vil – Elf Cleric of Silvanus (Pete)
Brandt Duskwind – Human Druid (Nathan)
?? Stonestone – Dwarf Fighter (Kevin — Character is on Jarrod’s builder so can’t look up name =()
?? – Dragonborn Runepriest of Selune (Jarrod — Character is on your builder so can’t look up name)

We will not be playing this weekend due to Miranda, Pete, and Tyler’s birthday so we’ll figure out a time for next weekend. I’ll keep you informed!


Drangor Stonestone
Ruka – Jarrod’s

July 31st - Character Creation

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