Brandt Duskwind


Brandt Duskwind is a rather scrawny and gangly and slightly effeminate Nar who hails from the Nar tribes residing at the base of the Giantspire mountains in the west. He stands approximately 5’4" and barely makes it past 140 pounds. His hair is long and mostly black, done in dreadlocks. Some of his dreadlocks are dyed grey. He has piercings along his nose, eyebrows, and lips.

Brandt currently lives and works in Highwatch doing day-to-day scouting work. Originally, he was the firstborn son of the chief of his Nar tribe. He was always the runt of his tribe. While he did not suffer any direct abuse because of his scrawnyness, he was constantly seen as weak and unassuming, traits not fit for a future Chief of the tribe. At the urging of the shaman of their tribe, Brandt was forced into an arranged marriage to a neighboring tribe.

However, before Brandt could consummate the marriage, he fled into the night abandoning his bride and tribe. He lived off the land for a year, communing with the nature spirits, and becoming stronger. He gained an affinity with one particular spirit, a wolf spirit, and at it’s urging made his way east to Highwatch, where he joined his “pack,” the citizens of Highwatch.

Brandt Duskwind

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