Drangor Stonestone

Dwarf Fighter - Unaligned


Drangor Stonestone, level 1
Dwarf, Fighter (Weaponmaster)
Build: Guardian Fighter
Fighter Option: Combat Agility
Fighter Talents Option: Battlerager Vigor
Narfell (Narfell Benefit)
Theme: Guardian

STR 18, CON 18, DEX 12, INT 10, WIS 12, CHA 8

STR 16, CON 16, DEX 12, INT 10, WIS 12, CHA 8

AC: 19 Fort: 17 Ref: 14 Will: 12
HP: 33 Surges: 13 Surge Value: 8

Athletics +7, Endurance +12, Intimidate +4

Acrobatics –1, Arcana +0, Bluff –1, Diplomacy –1, Dungeoneering +3, Heal +1, History +0, Insight +1, Nature +1, Perception +1, Religion +0, Stealth –1, Streetwise –1, Thievery –1

Basic Attack: Melee Basic Attack
Basic Attack: Ranged Basic Attack
Guardian Attack: Guardian’s Counter
Dwarf Racial Power: Dwarven Resilience
Fighter Attack: Combat Challenge
Combat Agility Power: Combat Agility
Fighter Attack 1: Brash Strike
Fighter Attack 1: Resolute Shield
Fighter Attack 1: Shield Riposte
Fighter Attack 1: Villain’s Menace

Improved Defenses

Adventurer’s Kit
Warhammer x1
Heavy Shield x1
Scale Armor x1


Drangor stands at 4’5" and at 200lbs he’s built much like the hammer he wields, solid and as hard as steel. Even though Drangor is only 69 his hair is solid white due to childhood trauma. He keeps his hair neatly trimmed with a full double braided beard to adorn his face tied down with black ribbon. Breaking with the custom of his tribe Drangor does not have any tattoos feeling uneasy letting anyone with a needle stab him repeatedly for hours. Stoic and often unnervingly calm Drangor is rarely angered but has a hard time relating to others especially when it comes to grief or sadness. While not the sharpest arrow in the quiver Drangor is certainly not stupid but merely relies heavily on logical processes to come to conclusions.

Part of the not-quite legendary lineage of dwarf craftsmen/fighters, the dwarfs who carry the proud name of Stonestone are the culmination of two powerful Northern dwarf tribes, the tribe of Stonesmasher (somewhat legendary fighters) and Forgestone (not really legendary but quite well looked upon sculptures).

Growing up as part of a wandering dwarf caravan Drangor was 12 when his family was slaughtered by zombies that a local necromancer had summoned. Driven by grief Drangor turned inward, finding solace in their passing as an inevitable part of life and the journey from life to death as something not to be feared but embraced as the next step in existence.

Since then he has been a devoted follower of Kelemvor and while not one of his doomguides (lacking the proper social skills due to the desensitization outlook he has towards death) Drangor is quick to visit any local shrines or temples in his honor and will often help the local priests. Outside of Kelemvor, Drangor does not concern himself with the other gods having neither a positive or negative attitude towards them except for the gods Selune and the Shar who he reveres as Alpha and Omega and while he does not worship them he holds them in deep esteem.

Not surprising Drangor’s calm demeanor ends when it comes to anything undead. Seen as an abomination and a sign of sever disrespect towards the departed Drangor only solution is to strike down any and all that practice necromancy and any creature that is summoned using such foul magic.

While the extermination of necromancers is at the top of his to-do list Drangor is driven by a desire to constantly improve his fighting prowess. This is not to avoid death but to be able to embrace it with all the strength he can. Anything that challenges his journey is seen as fair game for Drangor and he holds no qualms about using his hammer to show that Kelemvor is not ready to pass judgment on him yet.

Recently Drangor’s presence was noted by the local leadership of Highwatch and he has been called to help the city investigate a local crypt where untold horrors were seen stalking the nights. Seeing this as both an opportunity to help the city and personally escort any necromancers to Kelemvor’s judgment, Drangor has set out to look into the matter.

Drangor Stonestone

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